What are you going to use the PixioDisplay for?

The PixioDisplay is a real attention grabber that fits everywhere. The moving images appeal directly to the imagination and give your message extra power. A small impression of the many application possibilities of the PixioDisplay:

Roll-up banner alternative

Want to stand out among the roll-up banners at the fair? With an interactive eye-catcher that is guaranteed to attract more visitors to your stand? The PixioDisplay is the premier alternative to a roll-up banner. No static image but endless variation and easy transition into an interactive presentation. A highly effective way to convey your message.

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Presentation screen

Your sales pitch, brainstorm or meeting. Your trade show presentation, business update or product launch. Whatever the purpose of your presentation, with the versatile PixioDisplay, all your presentations will have much more impact. Present how, where and when you want with this easy-to-transport and easy-to-use presentation screen.

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Trade show screens

Do you always take several screens with you to a trade show? That is now a thing of the past, because the PixioDisplay offers everything in one and makes other trade show screens superfluous. So no more lugging around screens and tripods for your trade show presentation and demo. The PixioDisplay is also compact and light, and therefore easy to transport.

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Trade show display

What is the most important thing for a successful trade show? A trade show stand that immediately attracts the attention of visitors! The PixioDisplay is extremely suitable as a trade show display. Whether alone or integrated into your stand, this mobile display stands out anyway. Turn a visit to your stand into an attraction with the interactive PixioDisplay.

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Beurs display PixioDisplay

Trade show banner alternative

Do you often attend trade shows? Then the PixioDisplay is an attractive alternative for your trade show banner. No more new trade show banners for every event; you simply adjust the presentation or stream another one to the integrated LCD display. And in no time, you can change the PixioDisplay into an interactive touchscreen. This makes a visit to your trade show stand even more fun!

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Shop-window display

Would you like to show additional products or a new offer in your shop window? Respond to holidays and current events? With the PixioDisplay, you can easily determine yourself what is shown on your display window. Very suitable for shops and restaurants, or as a display window for brokers and employment agencies. From now on, people will walk into your business instead of walking by.

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Touchscreen presentation screen

Is your message one-way traffic? Not with the PixioDisplay! With this innovative touchscreen presentation screen, you give presentations and events an extra dimension. Boost the experience of your target group with the many interaction functions.

Want to give a presentation yourself? No need for a remote control anymore, and with the touchscreen options of the PixioDisplay, you can create a fascinating and lively story.

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Rent a trade show TV screen

Do you not often attend trade shows, but when you do, you want to get the most out of your participation? Then rent the PixioDisplay.  With its razor-sharp image and powerful sound, the versatile PixioDisplay is the perfect TV screen for your trade show. With the PixioDisplay you give (interactive) presentations, and you can easily show demos and videos. You can rent the PixioDisplay per day from a dealer in your area.

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