Mobile presentation screen

Give presentations with impact anywhere with the PixioDisplay

Met de PixioDisplay Corona Informatiezuil brengt u alle bezoekers op de hoogte van veiligheidsmaatregelen!

Presentation screen for your conference room

The PixioDisplay is not only suitable for trade fairs, but also for the office. As a welcome screen or information screen in your entry or waiting room. Or as a mobile presentation screen in your conference room. PixioDisplay is the interactive touchscreen display with the power of a computer that works like a large tablet. Download and install apps, stream presentations or other files, and it's ready to use. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

No more ordinary flipchart sheets or standard PowerPoint presentations, but your meeting agenda, presentation and notes clearly arranged on the presentation screen. In addition, the PixioDisplay offers plenty of opportunities for interaction. For example, online brainstorming, working together on a document and even virtual meetings. Meeting has never been so efficient!

Present where you want with a mobile presentation screen

Want to take a mobile presentation screen to customers and prospects for a convincing sales pitch? Want to move the presentation screen to another conference room? Whatever the purpose of your presentation, with the versatile PixioDisplay, all your presentations will have much more impact.

The compact and solid design allows you to easily fold and transport the PixioDisplay. And thanks to the innovative touchscreen display, you no longer need a remote control. You can reach your target audience at any desired location with beautiful, interactive presentations!

presentatiescherm mobiel vergaderruimte

Present and collaborate

The PixioDisplay lends itself to many purposes within your organization. Sales spits and marketing presentations. Employee updates and standups. But also as an information screen in your lobby. And for real-time monitoring of objectives and processes, for example at your customer service department, sales office or IT department.

Thanks to the handy touchscreen display and the many interaction options, the PixioDisplay is also very suitable as a tool for collaborating on projects. Use it as an alternative to your whiteboard or flipchart during project kickoffs and brainstorming sessions, and save the results immediately. Because all common file types are supported, you can also share the files with employees and customers from the mobile presentation screen with just a few clicks. The PixioDisplay thus helps you to keep the overview, and you save a lot of time and effort.

Mobiel presentatiescherm vergaderruimtes

Want to trade the TV for the PixioDisplay?

The PixioDisplay is so much more than a large screen. The list of possibilities is endless. Want to be sure you are making the right choice? Be convinced by the benefits of the PixioDisplay. Have you already read enough? Contact us via the form below.

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