Touchscreen presentation screen

Increase your customer satisfaction with more interaction

Never forget the remote control again

Do you know the joke about the speaker who forgot the remote control for his presentation screen? If only he had a PixioDisplay, the presentation could have gone on as usual. The PixioDisplay can also be used as a touchscreen presentation screen. With a simple add-on, you can turn the presentation screen into an interactive touchscreen display in an instant.

Handy for your presentations and events, but also for introducing customers to your product, service or company in an interactive way. Complicated? To the contrary, the PixioDisplay works as simply as a tablet.

Touchscreen presentation screen for more customer interaction and better service

Looking for a way to improve the customer experience in your shop or at your event? With the PixioDisplay as a touchscreen presentation screen, you can! Offer your customers the opportunity to interactively test, rate or share your product via social media. Let them put together the desired product themselves with an interactive product configurator. They thus get a good idea of the type, model, shape and colour that they want. Done? With one click, they can order the product of their choice through your in-store webshop. That's good service!

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Presentation screen for real-time insight into your business performance

Need a way to get your employees more involved in your organization? Use the PixioDisplay as an internal presentation screen in the office. Present the objectives of each department interactively and in real time and make it possible for everyone to see for themselves what their contribution to your operating result is via the touchscreen presentation screen. Which projects have been delivered on schedule? Which part of your sales targets has been achieved? How many calls has your customer service department handled correctly? How many help desk questions and issues have been resolved? Who is the employee of the month? Give your employees insight into the performance of your organization every day and motivate them to achieve the best results together. You're happy, your employees are happy, and your customers are happy. What more could you wish for?

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Want to trade the TV for the PixioDisplay?

The PixioDisplay is so much more than a large screen. The list of possibilities is endless. Want to be sure you are making the right choice? Be convinced by the benefits of the PixioDisplay. Have you already read enough? Contact us via the form below.

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