The PixioDisplay Corona Information Stand

Provide real-time information about the COVID-19 measures at your company or store.

Inform employees, customers or visitors with the most relevant information!

What is currently relevant? To what rules should your location or vistors adhere to? With the PixioDisplay Corona Information Stand, you make sure you communicate the most up-to-date information.

  • Mobile and easy to move;
  • Use templates in your company style;
  • Standard pre-sets available;
  • Comply with government laws.

Guarantee safety of visitors and employees.

With the PixioDisplay Corona Information Stand, you will ensure the safety of your employees and visitors, by communicating all measures noticeably.

De Corona Informatiezuil bij een fysiotherapeut met coronamaatregelen.

Fits every location!


Locate the display at the entrance or your reception: a central location where your employees and visitors cannot ignore the Stand. In this way, you make sure you keep everyone posted about the latest updates.


Ensure it's safe to visit your showroom. Important for you and your customers. With the information on the display, you'll make sure that your customers feel safe to shop at your showroom.


Customers enter and leave, which is what you want. But safety and hygiene are more important than anything else. With the Corona Information Stand, you make sure everyone complies with the rules.

Always up to date. Contactless and safe!

The mobile PixioDisplay is a professional presentation display that you can use for everything. Due to the unique software, you can quickly adapt the shown information. 

Also useful: with the use of QR codes, you can easily show the information on the display of a smartphone. Contactless, so safe!

Corona informatiezuil wordt bediend met smartphone QR code

After the corona crisis, the PixioDisplay can be used for anything: commercials, special offers or presentations.

Read more about possibilities after COVID-19!

Make sure your store, office or showroom is prepared to work safely.

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Met de PixioDisplay Corona Informatiezuil brengt u alle bezoekers op de hoogte van veiligheidsmaatregelen!

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