PixioDisplay Luxe

The interactive LCD touchscreen will guarantee that your message stands out.

Guaranteed to stand out with the PixioDisplay Luxe.

Looking for a stylish solution to give your on-location marketing a boost? Discover the PixioDisplay Luxe, a solid 49-inch LCD screen on a luxury stand. A versatile touchscreen display that will make you stand out guaranteed. Thanks to its stylish design, the PixioDisplay Luxe fits perfectly in any setting. Communicate your company video, offers or your webshop and take visitors on an interactive online journey.

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What is PixioDisplay Luxe?

PixioDisplay Luxe is an interactive marketing and communication tool with a user interface similar to a large Android tablet. It is available in various styles and specifications, all of which have one thing in common: a high level of attention due to the interactive and bright display.

The benefits of PixioDisplay Luxe.

Interactive data display.

The LCD touchscreen is ideal for interactive and visual display of data, such as leads, revenue, number of visitors, percentages, and the like.

Your message really gets through.

The power of moving images, sound, and interaction stimulates the senses and ensures that your message is guaranteed to be delivered effectively.

Endless possibilities with Android.

PixioDisplay Luxe runs on Android and provides access to a wide range of applications. So, there are endless possibilities to use this interactive screen!

This is how PixioDisplay Luxe works

The PixioDisplay Luxe offers effective self-service tools for registering, informing, inspiring, and persuading customers and visitors. The large interactive display immediately captures the attention of your audience, making it the perfect medium to convey your message and encourage your target audience to take action. With the Android software that the PixioDisplay Luxe runs on, you have 24/7 access to the internet and numerous (narrowcasting) applications. Give visitors a glimpse into your webshop or make them an interesting offer, display apps or websites, and manage your content remotely.

various sizes

The PixioDisplay Luxe is available in various sizes, all of which come with a sturdy touchscreen that can be interactively used by your visitors and customers

Easy to operate

Thanks to the Android software, the PixioDisplay Luxe operates just as easily as a tablet. The display comes equipped with Wi-Fi as standard and offers access to numerous (narrowcasting) applications via the Google Play Store. This allows you to manage the content displayed on the PixioDisplay Luxe remotely.

Easily register visitors

With the PixioDisplay Luxe, your visitors can easily check in or register themselves at your location. For example, through an interactive form or app. This is an especially efficient way to collect customer data or generate new leads.

Innovation in sales

With the PixioDisplay Luxe, create new unmanned sales channels for your products or services. Show passers-by your webshop at any desired location. Offer them a unique deal tailored to their location. Scan the QR code, place an order and take advantage of a location-based discount.

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