Make your presentations more engaging with motion graphics, sound, and interactivity.

PixioPoster: for an interactive message that sticks with you

The PixioPoster is a real eye-catcher in your store, shop window or trade fair stand. With this sustainable alternative to paper posters and flyers, you can communicate your message in various ways. Tilt the screen from portrait to landscape mode in no time and adjust the viewing angle according to the situation and the audience you want to reach.

The PixioPoster offers many more possibilities than traditional POS materials, such as:

  • Promoting your products or services with slideshows and interactive presentations.
  • Displaying your website or webshop, or zooming in on specific promotions or offers.
  • Playing interactive demos, commercials or promos.
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What is PixioPoster?

PixioPoster is an interactive 40-inch LCD touchscreen display, with controls similar to a large Android tablet. It's available in different styles and specifications that all have one thing in common: the attention value is very high due to the interactive and bright display. With PixioPoster, a visit to your store or exhibition stand becomes an unforgettable experience. Due to the many interaction possibilities, your message will definitely stick.

This is how the PixioPoster works:

Easily switch between portrait and landscape mode.

The LCD screen can be easily tilted, making PixioPoster suitable for both vertical and horizontal placement, depending on your preference and available space.

Easy to operate

Door de Android software werkt de PixioPoster net zo eenvoudig als een tablet. De display is standaard uitgerust met wifi en biedt via de Google Play Store toegang tot talloze (narrowcasting) applicaties. Daarmee kan je de content die wordt getoond op de PixioPoster op afstand beheren.

Innovation in sales

Create new unmanned points of sales for your products or services with PixioPoster. Show your webshop to passers-by at any desired location and offer them a unique deal tailored to the location. They can scan a QR code, place an order, and take advantage of a location-specific discount. That's convenient!

The various applications of PixioPoster

Marketing & Communication

Communicate your message to your target audience in a unique way. Provide visitors with important information and stand out with moving images, self-service, and sound.

Interactive experience

Take your visitor on a (virtual) journey through the interactive touchscreen and create a unique customer experience.

Lead generation & sales.

Use the PixioPoster in your store or showroom to generate leads. Or as a direct point of sale via your website or webshop.

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