The interactive presentation display for trade show, office or store.

The PixioDisplay Catches attention and works easily!

With a 43-inch solid LCD screen, the PixioDisplay is an eye-catcher that visitors can interactively use by scrolling on the touchscreen. This professional presentation display is seen by our customers as a life-size tablet, powered by Android. Through the Play Store, you have direct access to any application.

This allows you to remotely control the PixioDisplay and use it in very diverse ways. Some examples include:

  • Displaying your website or webshop
  • Showing your company video, presentation or advertisement
  • Serving as an information kiosk for visitors
  • For demos, commercials or promotions

Maximize the potential of your PixioDisplay by collecting existing customer data and generating new leads through the interactive touchscreen!

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A multifunctional and flexible presentation display!

The PixioDisplay is equipped with an integrated WiFi module, inputs for USB, SD card, and LAN connection, allowing for both online and offline use. Thanks to a foldable steel construction (rear side) and equipped with wheels, the interactive screen is easy to move. And with a custom-made carry bag, the PixioDisplay is also easy and damage-free to transport! Ideal for use in different locations and in various ways.


Easy to carry

Unlike other presentation displays, the PixioDisplay is compact and portable. So dragging around TV screens and the equipment for hanging them up is a thing of the past.

Just as user-friendly as your tablet

The PixioDisplay works like a large Android tablet. Download and install the desired apps. Customize your message yourself with the handy CMS. And operate the LCD display wirelessly via smartphone or tablet. Or via the interactive touchscreen.

Completely in your branding

The presentation display can be adjusted to your own preferences. The basic models are available in black and white and come in various sizes. Would you like the logo for your company, product or brand on it? We will handle that for you!

How does the PixioDisplay work?

The PixioDisplay provides companies with an effective self-service tool to register, inform, and inspire customers and visitors. With the large interactive display, you can immediately catch the attention of your audience, making it the perfect tool to convey a message and encourage your target audience to take action.

The PixioDisplay runs on Android software, providing 24/7 access to the internet and numerous (narrowcasting) applications. Give visitors a glimpse of your webshop, display applications or websites, and choose to manage your content remotely.

Large 43-inch LCD touchscreen.

The generous size of the PixioDisplay ensures that it cannot be missed upon entry. The solid touchscreen can be interactively used by your visitors and customers.

Easy control and management.

Thanks to the Android software on the PixioDisplay, it works as easily as a tablet. The display is equipped with WiFi, allowing you to access the Google Play Store, which provides access to numerous (narrowcasting) applications in addition to the internet. This makes it possible to manage content remotely.

Easy to move.

The PixioDisplay is equipped with wheels and comes with a handy carrying bag, making it easy to switch the interactive display from location.

Innovation in sales.

With the PixioDisplay, you can create unmanned new sales channels for your products or services. Show passersby your webshop at every relevant location, let them order products by scanning the QR code, and apply location-based discounts."

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