The presentation display with which you are guaranteed to stand out

The PixioDisplay is a professional presentation display suitable for endless applications. An elegant and solid 43-inch touchscreen LCD display for your corporate videos, interactive demos, commercials and promos. Thanks to its many interaction options, the PixioDisplay is truly the next level in presentation displays.

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An innovative example of presentation technology

The PixioDisplay is a digital powerhouse, equipped with Android 7.1, 4GB RAM, 16GB storage capacity, integrated WiFi, and USB, SD card and LAN connections. No hassle with complicated software, because the PixioDisplay works as simply as your tablet. Install apps, stream presentations and swipe!

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Starting at the end of 2018, the PixioDisplay can be seen in the Netherlands. Already excited about this unique promotion tool? Get ahead of your competitors and reserve your PixioScreen now. Or request a demo.

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Interactive presentation display for a trade show, in the office or in your showroom? Shop-window display or in-store webshop in your store? Thanks to the many narrow-casting application options, the PixioDisplay is suitable for any purpose.

Surprisingly versatile

While a printed banner contains only one message, the versatile PixioDisplay supports many file types and presentation options. All common file formats are supported. So endlessly vary the message on your presentation display and increase the interaction with your target group.

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From presentation screen to shop-window display

The PixioDisplay is the mobile presentation display for small and large companies. Because of its friendly price but also because of its versatility: from presentation screen or trade show display to shop-window display, the application possibilities are endless.

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Easy to carry

Unlike other presentation displays, the PixioDisplay is compact and portable. So dragging around TV screens and the equipment for hanging them up is a thing of the past.

Just as user-friendly as your tablet

The PixioDisplay works like a large Android tablet. Download and install the desired apps. Customize your message yourself with the handy CMS. And operate the LCD display wirelessly via smartphone or tablet. Or via the interactive touchscreen.

Completely in your branding

The presentation display can be adjusted to your own preferences. The basic models are available in black and white and come in various sizes. Would you like the logo for your company, product or brand on it? We will handle that for you!

Our dealers

The PixioDisplays are exclusively sold by our regular dealers. These are companies with the right tools, the right knowledge and the creativity to help you get the most out of your PixioDisplay.

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