1. High-quality image and sound

Whatever message you display on the PixioDisplay, you can rely on a high-quality multimedia experience. The integrated 43-inch LCD screen (16:9) with a maximum screen resolution of 1080x1920 and the powerful built-in speaker ensure a razor-sharp image and the best sound.

Mobiel display PixioDisplay

2. Easy to place and easy to transport

The dimensions of the PixioDisplay are 60 x 150 cm, and it weighs 31 kg. Due to the compact and solid design, the mobile LCD display is easy to transport. Moreover, the display has a handy fold-out support, so that you can place it anywhere you want. A sturdy carrying bag is additionally available.

Mobiel presentatiescherm

3. User-friendly and wireless operation

The PixioDisplay comes with Android 7.1 and integrated WiFi, and has 4GB of memory and 16GB of storage capacity. The screen can be operated in various ways, including touchscreen or via phone streaming. Want to adjust your message or start another presentation? You can do it all yourself via the user-friendly CMS.

draadloos presentatiescherm

4. Sustainably developed according to European standards

The PixioDisplay is produced entirely according to European standards and quality certifications in our factory in China. In the manufacture of the mobile digital display, we also pay attention to social and economic sustainability. Moreover, we ensure fair pay and healthy and safe working conditions for our production employees.

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